Timberpedia - Oak (Holm/Holly/Evergreen)

Holm/Holly/Evergreen Oak

Latin Name: Irish Name: Native to Ireland?
Quercus ilex   No

About the Tree

This species is known as Holm Oak, Evergreen Oak or Holly Oak, depending on where you are and
who you are talking to. It is the most common evergreen oak found in the British Isles.

The species was introduced from the Mediterranean, where it is native, to Britain in the sixteenth

About the Wood

The wood from Holm oak is hard, dense and durable – moreso than common oak. It is supposed
to be quite flexible. When first cut, the wood is heavier than water.

The sapwood is white and the heartwood is dark brown.

The timber is sought after and used in the Mediterranean and on the continent up to Brittany
where it grows quite commonly. However, it is rare to find any Holm oak on the Irish market.

The wood was traditionally used for the construction of machines, mallet heads and tools.

Quercus ilex JPG1 Mature tree
Quercus ilex0 Leaves and catkins in spring
Quercus ilex MHNT.2006.0.1268 Acorns
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