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We supply hardwood timber to furniture makers, woodworkers, sculptors, enthusiastic DIY homeowners, wood turners, designers… from all over Ireland.

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Price List

Prices are subject to change at any time.

These prices are based on square edged, premium grade, 1″ boards, kiln-dried. Individual prices will vary depending on these and other factors.   For example, 2″ thick boards are around 20% more expensive per cu ft.

We do not currently deliver. 

Inclusion of timber in this list does not guarantee availability.

All prices are € per cubic foot.  (A 12″ wide x  6ft long x 2″ thick plank = 1 cu ft)

Chestnut (Horse)€38
Chestnut (Spanish/Sweet)€58


The timber is provisionally graded as it comes off the saw and regraded during subsequent processes of drying, moving, resawing, etc. Grading and pricing take into account: knots, warping, shake/splits, dozed timber, burr, catspaw, stain, edging, etc.

The principal timber grades are: Maximum, Premium, Quality, Nature’s Cut.


The above prices are for kiln-dried timber. For air-dried timber, prices can be reduced by about 20%, depending on species and thickness. Kiln-dried timber has a moisture of content of 8-12% MC, and air-dried is generally 18-20% MC.

What to do next?

You probably know what you need, at least basically.
You are most welcome to come to Lisnavagh and select the boards of your choice from our supplies here. We prefer this as you can see more clearly what we have available. 

We suggest that you give us a call or e-mail to discuss your thoughts and we will be very happy to help you think everything through. We can give you an idea of the likely cost of your project over the phone or by e-mail in most cases.

Please contact us to confirm available stock and book an appointment.