Timberpedia - Musk


Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Olearia argophylla No

About the Tree

Occurs in wetter forests with a low light intensity, and has broad smooth leaves which are green
above and near-white underneath. (Tasmania)

Musk-scented shrub or tree of southern and southeastern Australia having creamy-yellow flower

Small tree scattered throughout general wet forests.

 About the Wood

Musk wood is cream coloured to slightly greenish in hue, very straight grained and defect free.
This Vic/Tas wood has a unique grain and finishes well but is prone to cracking. Mainly available as
unseasoned, trimmed and coated burl.

This fine-grained Tasmanian species is considered very rare. It works quite easily.
Attractive craft wood.

Olearia argophylla (Musk Daisy-bush) (24631211899) Foliage and flowers
Aster argophyllus botanical pressing Botanical specimen from 1806
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