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Red Larch

Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Larix laricina No

About the Tree

Common Names: Akemantak (Abnaki name meaning wood for snowshoes). Black
Larch. Red Larch. American Larch. Juniper Cypress. Hackmatack. 

Is part of the pine family.

A small to medium-sized, averaging 18 m (60 ft) high, deciduous conifer with a sparse, open, narrow, conical crown. Trunk straight. Bark with small scaly patches, grey to reddy-brown. Twig slender, light brown, numerous short, spur branches.

 About the Wood

Larch timber has a pale creamy brown sapwood and a distinctly reddish brown heartwood which is naturally durable and strong. This inherent durability and strength means that it has traditionally been used for fencing, gate material, boat building and other outdoor uses.

Larch is also used as a flooring material and for general structural purposes. It is often selected
for use by architects and builders because of itsattractive reddish colour.

Acacia Negev Red larch in fall colours
Larix laricina foliagecones Foliage and cones
2015-08-20 17 12 36 Tamarack seedling in a sphagnum bog adjacent to Taborton Road (Rensselaer County Route 42) in Sand Lake, New York Sapling
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