Timberpedia - Silver/European Fir

Silver/European Fir

Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Abies Alba No

About the Tree

Introduced c.1603.

It is a large evergreen coniferous tree growing to 40-50 m (exceptionally 60 m) tall and with a
trunk diameter of up to 1.5 m.

The leaves are needle-like, flattened and the tip of the leaf is usually slightly notched at the tip.

Bark often a silver-like gloss with warts/diamond-shaped little wholes. Cones in the top of the tree,
10-15 cm

The Silver Fir appears to have a silvery colour when seen from below

About the Wood

The silver fir has soft wood that is easily worked and is hence much used in carpentry.

Soft yellow-white timber best used for planks, joinery, boxes, carving, paper pulp, etc. Oil of
turpentine, distilled from the leaves and wood, is used in medicine and veterinary work, for sprains
and bruises; Strasbourg turpentine, obtained from the bark blisters, is used in paints and varnishes.

Abies alba Wisła 1 Silver fir
European Silver-fir Vallombrosa (FI), Italy Trunk and bark
Abies alba R1 Immature cone
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