Timberpedia - Cherry (Bird)

Bird Cherry

Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Prunus padus Yes

About the Tree

Native to northern Europe and northern Asia, it is a deciduous small tree or large shrub 8-16 m tall.
The English name refers to the berries, which are astringent and bitter, seldom used in Western
Europe (but commonly eaten in Russia and elsewhere), and readily eaten by birds, which do not
taste astringency as unpleasant. It was used medicinally during the Middle Ages, and the bark,
placed at the door, was supposed to ward off the plague.

Another name is Hagberry, and the fruit can be known as “Hags”. 

About the Wood

Cherry wood is strong, fine-grained, and red colour in colour. It is easily worked and can be
polished to a high shine.

Prunus padus Rauma Bird Cherry tree in full bloom
Vogelkers bloesem Blossoms
Prunus padus Tuomi marjoja VII 04 2989 C Bird cherries
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