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Sitka Spruce


Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Picea sitchensisSprús SitceachNo

About the Tree

Introduced 1831 to 1833.

The Sitka Spruce a coniferous evergreen tree growing to 50-70 m high, it’s the largest species of
spruce, and the third tallest conifer species, It acquired its name from the community of Sitka,
Alaska. Trees over 90 m tall may still be seen in the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island,
British Columbia.

About the Wood

Sitka Spruce is used in piano, harp, violin, and guitar manufacture. Its high strength-to-weight ratioand regular, knot-free rings make it an excellent conductor of sound.

Steinway & Sons piano company and Lyon & Healy harp manufactures use Sitka spruce
soundboards in its instruments.

Used in building, fencing stakes, pallets.

Not considered a joinery timber.

Sitka 01 Mature treel
Picea sitchensis1 Foliage, mature seed cone, and (center) old pollen cone
Picea sitchensis00 End grain on wood plank
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