Timberpedia (Field Maple)

Field Maple

Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Acer campestre No

About the Tree 

Other names- Sometimes known as Maplin tree.

Britain’s only species of maple. Sycamores and Norway Maple are not native. It is very hardy but doesn’t make a tall tree.

Field Maple grew in Britain before the last Ice Age, not returning until about 7000 years ago. It is
very typical of southern woodlands. Not occurring in Ireland and only just reaching Scotland, where
some people do regard it as introduced.

Field Maple leaves turn a lovely yellow in the autumn. Various names are known for the typical keys
of the fruits: “Boots and Shoes”, “Kitty Keys” and “Shacklers”. The whole plant is non-poisonous.

About the Wood

Maple wood is fine-grained and has been used to make harps, musical instruments and drinking
bowls known as ‘Mazers’.

Used for turnery, marketer, and craft work (used in middle ages for musical instruments).

Acer campestre 006 Field maple
Acer campestre 009 Foliage
Acer-campestre Leaves and "key" fruits
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