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European Larch

Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Larix Decidua No

About the Tree

Introduced 1625. Pinaceae (Pine family).

Larix’ is the old Latin name for the tree. ‘Decidua’ refers to the fact that the Larix’s are deciduous
Conifers. Virtually all other Conifers are evergreen, the other exceptions being the Dawn Redwood
and the Swamp Cypress.

The Larch’s needles are bright green, soft and grow in tufts along the branch, turning yellow before
dropping in the autumn. Its cones grow along the branches. 

European larch requires a fertile, free draining yet moist site and is intolerant of very wet or very dry conditions. 

About the Wood

Larch wood is high quality with a reddish grain and is used in house and ship-building.
Recognizing this species can be hard since it looks like the also common Japanese Larch (Larix

Larch produces an excellent durable timber with a rust-coloured heartwood and a typical reddish
grain. Apart from the Yew, it is perhaps the strongest and toughest conifer wood , which has the
added advantage that it resists woodworm.

Young larch sprigs are favioured by grazing animals in particular deer. And can cause considerable
damage to the trees.

L'A de Bran, (1798 m) Val d'Anniviers. Europese larix (Larix decidua) 01 European larch
Mélèze en Automne Autumn colours
Larix decidua needles and male cones Needles and male cones
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