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Latin Name:Irish Name:Native to Ireland?
Eucalyptus grandis No

About the Tree 

Introduced since 1846.

The sapwood of Brazilian eucalyptus is light brown while the heartwood ranges from pale pinkish to
reddish brown. The species has a prominent, straight and interlocked grain. Brazilian eucalyptus
has a somewhat coarse and uniform texture.

Brazilian eucalyptus’s sapwood has a natural resistance to borers. The species has a moderate
natural resistance to decay and the wood remains smooth under friction. Brazilian eucalyptus
should be carefully dried to prevent checking in the wood.

About the Wood

Brazilian eucalyptus is not overly difficult to saw properly. This takes both nailing and glueing well.
The wood accepts stain and paint well, and polishes to a quality finish.

Some of Brazilian eucalyptus’s uses include flooring, mouldings, joinery, boat building, furniture,
and joinery.

CPonte Eucalyptus Eucalyptus grandis
Eucalyptus grandis Kerewong State Forest 55 metres tall Eucalyptus in Kerewong State Forest, Australia
Eucalyptus grandis fruit Eucalyptus fruit
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