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Updated on 23 March, 2008


The Lisnavagh Timber Project



Latin Name: Irish Name: Native to Ireland?
Betula pendula/verucosa Beith Yes

About the Tree

Birch grows rapidly, having a rotation of about 40 years - about the same as sitka spruce.

The bark contains a compund called betulin, which seems to be able to specifically target and kill cancer cells in humans. This is being researched more fully.

A COFORD funded research project, "Pilot Study for the Improvement of Irish Birch", by Niamh O'Dowd in 2001describes a stand of naturally regenerated birch at Lisnavagh as follows: "One of the best stands observed in this study in terms of quality."

About the Wood

Birch timber is pale and fine-grained. Heartwood & Sapwood look similar in colour. It is comparable with oak & beech in terms of strength and density. It's strength-to-weight ratio is actually more than any other native hardwood species, and most softwoods too.

The timber is suitable for furniture, doors, flooring, turning, veneer, aircraft fittings, toys, skis, musical instruments, food packaging, clogs… almost anything!

Young birch plantation at Lisnavagh
Bark on a mature birch tree
Birch twig




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