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Updated on 23 March, 2008


The Lisnavagh Timber Project



Latin Name: Irish Name: Native to Ireland?
Alnus glutinosa Fearnóg Yes

About the Tree

The common alder is commonly found in wet ground. In the time before drainage and agricultural reclamation of land, this was an extremely common tree.

Alder frequently pioneers the way to allow other species (such as oak) to grow in otherwise inhospitable soils which can be low in nitrogen (such as boglands) because it has the ability to fix nitrogenin the soil. The roots of alder actively seek out water, and field drains can become blocked with their roots.

Several elements of the tree, including the wood & catkins were used to make dyes.

About the Wood

Alder timber/wood is highly resistance to rotting in wet conditions, and it has been used for piles (foundations) of buildings in wet conditions.

When first exposed to fresh air, the wood turns orange in colour. The wood itself is low density, light and quite brittle.



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