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Updated on 23 March, 2008


The Lisnavagh Timber Project



Latin Name: Irish Name: Native to Ireland?
Acacia   No

About the Tree

The acacia is a thorny shrub. The genus of acacia covers a large number of species found in America, Africa, Australia and Polynesia.

Acacia is occasionally grown in Ireland for ornamental purposes.

The "False Acacia" is an acacia that is a native to North America (Robinia pseud-Acacia, L) and which was introduced to Europe in the 17th century.

Moses was given instructions to build The Ark of the Covenant from acacia wood.

The bark has medicinal properties.

About the Wood

The wood is fairly soft, pale and can have a nice looking grain.

Being easy to turn, it is perfect for newcomers to woodturning.



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