Page Updated: Sunday, 23 March, 2008

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Resources of Information

We are putting a lot of information on this website. This will provide visitors to the site with a great resource, whether they are students, wood users, curious passers-by, or even experts in their field.

The Glossary of Terms helps you to translate "timber-speak" into English! There are already over a hundred words, phrases and illustrations relating to timber in the Glossary and we will (no doubt!) be adding more as time goes on

The What We Do section describes the various processes through which timber goes, from the seedling through to end uses, such as furniture. This includes planting, weeding, beating up, pruning/shaping, thinning, felling, extraction, sawing, air drying, kiln drying, finishing and end uses.

The Ogham Alphabet is the old Irish alphabet, where each letter is represented by a species of tree.

The Timberpaedia provides information of many species of trees. This will include a description of the species and it's timber along with other useful information and pictures.

Last, but certainly not least, browse though our Links section to see other websites and perhaps learn even more!