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1st June 2005

We have reviewed our Price List with effect from today, 1st June 2005.

Whilst some prices on the Price List have increased, we have also adjusted the way that our database calculates the value of each board for sale*. The result is a fairer price based on a realistic value.

How do our prices compare?

Well, we are neither the cheapest, nor the dearest!

We compare our prices with other suppiers of hardwood timber as often as we can. This includes with (the few) homegrown timber suppliers in Ireland, similar operaions in the UK and importers of hardwood timber into Ireland.

We are not trying to offer the cheapest timber in Ireland - in fact, that would be impossible. We are a small scale operation offering "clear-conscious" homegrown hardwood timber from sustainable Irish woodlands at the best possible price.

Nevertheless, we don't compare badly! For example: -

Oak - same grade of timber
Lisnavagh Timber Project Irish supplier #1 Irish supplier #2 Large Timber importer
Compared to our base price: 35% more expensive 14.5% cheaper 4.1% more expensive

The above example would be fairly typical of most species of timber.

As well as prices, our customers also know that we offer one-to-one customer service and the satisfaction of knowing exactly where their timber has come from. This is probably why we are selling more and more timber every month. It's why we get new customers and it's why customers come back to us.

If you would like to contact us, please e-mail or click the "Contact Us" button to the left for phone numbers or address.

* - Our database values each piece of timber individually by examining it's volume, species, grade, thickness, features and moisture content. The database can carry out a complete valuation of every piece of timber in stock in under 5 minutes.

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